Dec 23, 2018

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As the bird of prey looks down on his hunting grounds


Dec 24, 2018

For some context:



After a party launch with about 10 of us (Sirius, Havakk, Zaytas, JesseJamesT, Alehcks, Col0Korn, Canuckk52, NEXUS-6, new guy CraigTheSpaceBum, and muttvette, sorry if I forgot anyone!) we were lucky and got into a fresh new server, so we immediately decided to go make some money at JT.

So we all spawned our ships, and shortly thereafter, while some of us where already making our way down to JT from the asteroid belt, we heard from Sirius that a guy called Aglaron stole his Freelancer Max from the pad.

He then started to gloat about it on Global chat, saying he had stolen this ship.

By then, a few of us were down at JT, so I decided this guy needed to be taught a lesson. I got on Global chat, and baited him. I told him how cool it was that he had gotten this ship, and that what he should do with it is come down to JT to fill that huge cargo space with WiDow, telling him he'd be then able to sell it and make money.

He bought it, and made his way down. Most of us were down there already, so like the team of predators we can be, we didn't shoot right away, we let him into our little bubble (we had surrounded JT), and when he was right in the middle, Sirius, who by now had another ship and was already down there too, opened fire.

The rest of the crew opened up immediately, and he was dead in a matter of 2 seconds

He started to ask in chat why we had shot him, at which point we revealed ourselves as a crew, and that he should never steal from Odyssey Interstellar.

As expected, he started to defend himself in chat, saying the ship was unlocked (mind you, earlier he had not only admitted to stealing it, but was actually boasting about it), that the fight hadn't been fair (no shit Sherlock), etc, etc, etc,

We felt good, revenge had been had, and we had a good time.

But he wasn't done

We all stayed at JT, the terminal was working well, so well Zaytas had his Starfarer down there, filling it up with WiDow.

In a few minutes, we picked up a contact. It was Aglaron, in a Connie this time.

We shot him down again in a matter of seconds.

By now, we're openly goading and taunting him in chat, because he's making a case for how unfair this is, how cowardly we are, etc., the usual BS.

He comes down a third time, in the Connie again, and gets the same treatment

Skirtstup, another player, offers to help him. Their plan is to bring Skirtsup's HammerHead to JT to exterminate us.

We quickly realize that I'm the only one from our party engaging him in chat. He may have seen a few others down at JT, but he didn't last long down there, so we feel that we can now take this evening to a whole new level: infiltration and execution.

JesseJamesT, Havakk, and Col0Korn fly up to Oli, where the HH will pick Aglaron up, and offer to man their turrets to help them take us out.

They accept .

They party up, and Jesse and crew relay to us in real time here on Discord what's happening

The result is the video Havakk has posted above: Aglaron gets executed, Skirtsup takes his side and gets killed too (that's after the video ends), and lots of the other people on chat take our side.

I end by telling Aglaron to never, ever steal from Odyssey Interstellar. That we'd have been happy to lend him a ship, if he had asked instead of stolen, and that all thieves will be KOS.

Several people on chat declare the same, have a good laugh, and Aglaron turns into a salt shaker

Oh, I forgot, after he came down on the two Connies, and before the HH, he came down in a 325 to try and kill me (his beef was specifically with me, since I was the one keeping the story straight on chat), and he gets killed. Again. For a fourth time. Before being executed with a bullet to the back of the head.

That was the best night I've had in Star Citizen. You guys are all awesome, and so much fun to play with. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Odyssey Interstellar ROOOOOOOOOCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 24, 2018

seems like alot of my vids have an orange T post guy

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My Bat Cave


Dec 25, 2018

In the mind of havakk... what’s he thinking?

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