About Us

"Of all that breathes and crawls across the earth, our mother earth breeds nothing feebler than a man. So long as the gods grant him power, spring in his knees, he thinks he will never suffer affliction down the years. But then, when the happy gods bring on the long hard times, bear them he must, against his will, and steel his heart. Our lives, our mood and mind as we pass across the earth, turn as the days turn . . ." - Odysseus

Odyssey Interstellar believes in strength, and strength lies in wealth. Our goal, simply put, is to acquire wealth. In pursuit of this goal, we will explore any-- and all-- sources of income. We know that enriching the individual strengthens the entire organisation, and to this end everyone will be rewarded with shared profits on all wealth generated and maintained. ​


Whether you have little, or have a lot, all are equal. Pick an industry, and begin your journey. We have ships spanning all industries, and infrastructure to support them-- all you must do is decide. ​


Those who believe in unity and benefiting the whole will be handsomely rewarded. Those who aspire to greatness will be supported and raised up. Those who seek peace will be protected. ​


The time will come, and when you are ready Odyssey Interstellar will be there for you on your journey to power.

“A man who has been through bitter experiences and traveled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time”

                                                                                              - Homer